We are BlissfulHouse and offer Coaching, Cleaning, & Organization along with Products for Wellness all designed to help YOU find your Blissful Life!

After becoming a VP of an Ad Agency on Madison Ave, the head of the PTO, mother of three… and finally a cleaning lady, I have a bit of experience and a whole heck of a lot of moxie. So I have a rich plate full of blissful ideas and products to help you like I helped myself.

Through all this I also developed a better way, an organized way of thinking for every part of your life and we adapted that into BlissfulHouse Coaching.  You might find some coaching to be the missing link. Give us a shout. We’ll talk and see if we fit.  Most are glad they at least made the call. (It’s free)

We also  have found companies and products that we like and we recommend them. They do pay us if you click on them. (Thanks!)

For a Coaching and Wellness appointment:

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